While studying a Bachelor of Laws at Monash University, I wrote some pretty good study notes. I have decided to make these notes available to download on this blog, to share my knowledge and hard work.

These notes are for educational purposes only. I make no guarantees about the accuracy of the notes. Copyright in the notes belongs to George McCubbin. They are not to be on-sold commercially and are for personal use only.
Civil Procedure
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Year:  2010 (updated notes are from 2013)
Semester:  One
Result:  HD 

Please note: I completed this unit before the Civil Procedure Act was passed, so it is not referred to in my notes.  But - a BIG thanks to Hamish McCormack who updated my notes to include the Civil Procedure Act and sections on costs and enforcement.

- Case management
- Jurisdiction
- Commencing proceedings
- Multiple parties and class actions
- Service
- Appearance
- Pleadings
- Interlocutory procedure
- Disposition without trial
- Trial
- Costs